Featured Cat 1: Grace O'Malley


Meet Grace O’Malley, a loving six month old sweetie looking for her forever home. Grace is a mellow, loving, and affectionate kitty. She was born without one of her eyes, and has had surgery to make sure there are no medical issues. Grace does really well with only one eye, but should be an indoor only cat for her safety. Grace loves other cats and gets along well with dogs and kids. She doesn’t like to be alone for long and would make a loyal and sweet companion cat. Please give us a call for more information on how to meet sweet little Grace. 509-684-1475


Featured Cat 2: Barn Cats


We are now accepting applicants for our Barn Cat program for spring and summer! There will be many cats in need of barn homes when the weather warms up. Last year we had barn cats going out as early as March, so give us a call and get on the list to get a jump on the mice for spring! What makes a good barn home? *Compassionate, animal-loving owners *Access to daily fresh water and food (don't worry, cats still hunt even when fed. They hunt more when fed well!) *Outbuildings to protect the cats from the elements and from critters like hawks, owls, eagles and coyotes. *Mice and other rodents are a nice bonus! Please call the Sanctuary at 509-684-1475 if you’ve got the heart and the “barn” for some of these kitties. You can learn more about our barn cat program on our website: http://www.colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com/barncats.html


Cat Adoptions
Becca Shaw
Phone: 509-684-1475
Email: becca@colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com

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